Colonial Gothic Rulebook 3rd Edition
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The great nations of Europe struggle for control of the New World. Native Americans struggle for their land and their lives. Planters and traders struggle for wealth and position. A new nation struggles to be born.But look beneath the surface.Monsters stalk the woods. Angry ghosts and spiteful witches plague the villagers. Explorers search for lost cities and fabled treasures. Ancient evils awaken. A secret history deals with events that take place in the shadows. These events played a role in the history of the American colonies and the Revolution that few know about.The truth hides, and plots are afoot. Events are moving behind the scenes, and lurking in the shadows are agents with their agendas.War is coming.Colonial Gothic is a supernatural historical horror roleplaying game set during the dawn of the American Revolution.Revised, rewritten, and redesigned Colonial Gothic Rulebook 3rd Edition provides players and Gamemasters what they need to run adventures during the American Revolution. Everything you need to run a historical supernatural horror game is found in this book: rules covering the use of magic and alchemy, in-depth information on the life and times of the colonies, a bestiary of monsters pulled straight from the period; the possibilities are endless. Using a fast and simple mechanic, setting up and running a game of Colonial Gothic has always been challenging. This Third Edition Rulebook is compatible with all previous Colonial Gothic adventures and sourcebooks.Now, the time has come.War is here.Choose your side.

Gamemasters, your time is here. Contained within this book is information you need to make Colonial Gothic your own.Gamemaster is written to bring you a new means of using Colonial Gothic. Within this book, you will find numerous new ideas and expansions, including:

  • New uses for action points to bring swashbuckling to your games

  • New ways to tailor-make combat to suit your needs

  • Rules to allow your players to create their own magic

  • Rules for ships and combat on the Seven Seas

  • Rules on the use and creation of your own cults and secret societies.

Colonial Gothic: Gamemaster
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You have traveled the Thirteen Colonies and beyond. You have faced down ancient spirits, legendary beasts and scheming magicians. You have fought for freedom, truth, and sanity. Still, there is much for you to discover.Colonial Gothic: The Player's Companion offers a wide range of options, enhancements, and new material to raise your game to new heights:

  • New skills, spells, and weapons

  • New combat options

  • Templates to aid in character creation

  • Social status and its uses

Pick the rules you like or use them all. With Colonial Gothic: The Player's Companion, the choice is yours!

Colonial Gothic: The Player Companion
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Colonial Gothic: Turncoats
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Step into the shadowy world of espionage with Colonial Gothic: Turncoats. Learn of the exploits of daring spies who risked their lives to secure victory for their cause.Thoroughly researched, Colonial Gothic: Turncoats takes you on a journey into the minds and methods of some of the most intriguing figures of the era. From the infamous double agent Benedict Arnold to master spy Nathan Hale, you'll gain a new appreciation for the strategic maneuvering and covert operations defining this pivotal moment in American history.Learn of the challenges and opportunities faced by those who shaped the war's outcome from the shadows. Discover the inner workings of spy networks, the art of deception, and the high stakes of wartime intelligence gathering in this gripping account of spycraft during the American Revolution.Colonial Gothic: Turncoats is a must-read for history buffs and anyone interested in adding elements of espionage into their games. So grab a copy and join the ranks of those seeking to uncover the secrets of America's founding!

Colonial Gothic: Atlas
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A seductive song beckons to all those willing to travel to the New World and make it their own. Newcomers arrive daily on its shores to make a new start. Many come seeking the freedom to practice their religious beliefs free from persecution. Others still seek to exploit the new land's abundant resources to make themselves rich beyond their dreams. It is a place of great opportunity, where history will be made, a land filled with promise and hope... but also one of mystery and danger, with an ancient and dark history waiting to be discovered.Welcome to the New World...The Atlas is your indispensable resource of the lands, people, and history of the Americas. Everything you need to know about setting your Colonial Gothic games in the New World is here.In this book, you will find maps and information covering the following:

  • Each of the Thirteen Colonies

  • The Province of Maine

  • New France

  • East and West Florida

  • The Caribbean Islands

  • The Native people who have been here long before European arrival

  • Glossaries

  • The machinations of the secret societies and organizations working in the shadows

Written by Gabriel Brouillard, Graeme Davis, and Richard Iorio, this book builds upon everything that has come before and opens up new possibilities for the brave and foolhardy.The New World awaits you!Do not wonder in fear at the dangers of the unknown or what might lurk in the shadows of the unexplored. You'll likely discover them in due course...

Flames of Freedom: Beginnings
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The long march to freedom begins here.While the world watches and both sides draw up war plans, others lurk in the shadows, prowling forgotten tunnels and heroes battle. An ancient enemy sows seeds of strife, and a much larger battle is about to begin. While Colonists cry for freedom and Loyalists struggle to reconcile with England, dark enemies gnaw and plague the unsuspecting.The siege grinds on in Boston, but the end is in sight. Now is the time to break the yoke of tyranny on the city that sparked the Revolution. Secret plots, secret cults, and mysteries abound as you explore the city of Boston during the last days of the siege. You are at the start of the Revolution and will be caught up in a series of events that will take you from one end of the city to another.Victory in Boston is only short-lived.Spring, 1776. The Second Continental Congress works at creating a new nation. But as they debate, shadowy forces prepare to strike.Welcome to Philadelphia.William Penn's model city is one of the richest in the Thirteen Colonies. It stands at the heart of the Revolution. Home to book shops, thinkers, and a growing intellectual class, the city hides those with knowledge of a more questionable nature. With the leadership of the Revolution here, the city is awash with plots and dangers. It is here that many plots are about to meet, and it is far from certain who will stand the winner.As Congress works, the Heroes scour the City of Brotherly Love for a friend's missing son. Not all is as it appears, and soon, their simple assignment turns into a race against time to prevent a tragedy that could kill American independence before it has begun.Flames of Freedom: Beginnings is the first volume in an epic campaign for Colonial Gothic. In this book, you will find our guide to the great cities of Boston and Philadelphia and a ready-to-play adventure that sets the stage for the entire Revolution.

While all attention is focused on the bloody conflict between subject and crown, some seek to exploit this. They work without fear of being caught and know it will be too late when these plans are implemented. You can learn of these plans in the two adventures between these covers.In The Angels of Jacob Hill you learn of strange disappearances plaguing the region of Peekskill, New York. At first, it was an occasional hunter or a lone traveler disappearing without a trace. Unbeknownst to the rest of the villagers, a small group resides in the area and is behind the recent troubles. This group? Angels. Sadly, things are not what they seem, and these angels might be something that arrived from the stars.In Sin Eater you discover that some evil has been living in the colonies for a long time. They have lived here so long they have become one of the most dangerous threats. Are you strong enough, not only in physical prowess but also in courage, to face this evil?

Colonial Gothic: The Defeated Dead
$14.99 (RGG 1754)
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No one knows that the dead of Fort Recovery want their vengeance. Betrayed by the military, the soldiers were led to their deaths at the hands of an Indian uprising. In death and unable to pass on, they now haunt the battlefield where they met their doom.Set in the Northwestern Territories, The Defeated Dead is a new adventure designed for Colonial Gothic. Included are details of the Ohio Territories and some of the most important forts located there.

Colonial Gothic: The Defeated Dead
$14.99 (RGG 1754)
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Lawlessness has touched all, especially Jacob Newhall, proprietor of the Lynn Tavern. His daughter, Tabitha, has fallen victim to these rogues. Found wandering the streets of Lynn, covered in filth, with her clothes tattered, the poor girl seems to have suffered greatly.Can you get to the bottom of Tabitha's disappearance and learn what malady besets the young lady? Be careful with your search because you do not know what dangers lurk within the shadows.A tale of mystery, secret societies, pirates, betrayal, and witchcraft set in the towns of Marblehead and Lynn in Essex County, Massachusetts.Beware of the secrets hidden in a small town.

The Landord's Daughter
$13.99 (RGG 1781)
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In the New World, an ancient power sleeps, awaiting the stars to align to rise again.Almost 50 years before the founding of Popham and 30 years before Roanoke, the New World remains a vast place of mystery. No one knows what this land hides or who—or what—waits in the shadows watching and hunting. A dark power sleeps here, and its awakening will set great and terrible events in motion.What you learn there may be something you wish you never knew.Assuming, that is, you survive your journey to the New World to discover it…Michael LaMonica, author of French Revolutions for Beginners and The Ultimate Age of Discovery Guide: Renaissance France, brings the young New World to life in a time and place not usually depicted in roleplaying games. Focusing on early modern French Atlantic history, well before the American Revolution, this mega-adventure focuses on locations and legends you are likely to have yet to experience.

The Journey to Norumbega
$19.99 (RGG 7011)
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